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Telescopic Span

Our MS Adjustable Span, crafted with precision, is a versatile tool designed for the construction industry. These adjustable spans, also known as steel props or supports, are engineered to provide crucial support for various structural elements during the construction process.


Key Features of our MS Adjustable Span:

Strength and Durability: Crafted from high-quality mild steel, our adjustable spans are built to withstand heavy loads, ensuring the safety and stability of your construction projects.


Adjustable Length: The telescopic design allows for easy length adjustment, adapting to different construction requirements and minimizing the need for additional components.


Ease of Use: Our user-friendly design makes assembly and disassembly quick and straightforward, reducing labour and time costs.


Multiple Applications: These adjustable spans are suitable for a wide range of construction tasks, including formwork support, shoring, and temporary structural reinforcement.


Corrosion Resistance: A rust-proof finish prevents oxidation and rusting, ensuring the longevity and reliability of our MS Adjustable Span.

By choosing our MS Adjustable Span, you are investing in a dependable solution that enhances the efficiency and safety of your construction projects. Whether you are working on building construction, formwork support, or shoring systems, our adjustable spans provide the support you need for successful and secure construction.

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