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Sleeve Coupler

AVANZA Steel's robust Sleeve Couplers have been thoughtfully crafted for applications in the Indian scaffolding industry. Designed for use on end-to-end joints of Standards, Ledgers, or Bracing within scaffolding systems, these heavy-duty couplers contribute significantly to creating a safe and secure work platform. Safety of workers is paramount, and by incorporating our couplers into your scaffolding structure, you not only enhance safety but also reduce the risk of potential hazards.

When combined with Swivel, Putlog, and Right-Angle Couplers, our Sleeve Couplers facilitate the construction of scaffolding structures using either new or recycled scaffolding tubes. Manufactured from forged steel, our couplers offer enhanced protection against elements such as corrosion and wear. Forged steel undergoes a process of alloying iron and carbon under immense pressure, resulting in a material that can be precisely moulded. 

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