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Box Retaining Clamp

Our Scaffold Board Retaining Coupler comprises essential elements, including a forged BRC coupler cover, a pressed BRC body, fork bolts, nuts, and a rivet connection. This thoughtfully engineered combination guarantees unparalleled strength and durability, making it a preferred choice in tube and clamp systems.

Versatile Usage: AVANZA Steel's Board Retaining Couplers find extensive use in constructing scaffold platforms within the construction industry. Customized to accommodate various plank heights or thicknesses, they seamlessly adapt to your project's unique requirements.

Compatibility: Our couplers effortlessly connect with standard OD48.3mm scaffold tubes and transoms, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

Options to Suit Your Needs: For cost-effective solutions, consider our Limpet Clamps and Toe Board Clamps. These alternatives offer similar functions, securely fixing scaffolding boards and planks to scaffold structures.

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