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Beam Clamp

 beam clamps are essential devices designed to securely grip onto structural beams, offering vital support and versatility. They serve a crucial role in lifting and rigging various applications while connecting components to structural steel without the need for drilling or welding. When your project demands the preservation of the material's structural integrity, our beam clamps are the ideal choice.

The utility of beam clamps extends to a wide range of applications. They can be attached temporarily or permanently to facilitate conduit and pipework, or to secure flooring and roofing materials to the flanges of I-beams. Additionally, they play a pivotal role in creating joints between beams. Our collection offers both spring steel and screw-set clamps, ensuring they can effectively support both horizontal and vertical loads. Explore our range to find the perfect beam clamp for your business needs.

Choose the reliability and flexibility of our Scaffolding Beam Clamps to provide secure support while maintaining the structural integrity of your materials. Trust in our clamps to enhance the safety and efficiency of your projects without compromising on structural integrity.

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